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3824 Bedford Ave.
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“Going to the dentist is a pleasure with Dr. Roach as my dentist. He has the best “chair side” manner of any dentist I’ve had.  His staff is outstanding and unsurpassed in the four states where I have had dental care.  Monna has been my hygienist for fifteen years.  I have followed her as she’s changed firms.  In fact, all of Dr. Roach’s staff are tops!”
~Annice H.

“With my Dad being a dentist, he’d always been my only choice of care. During my five years in Nashville, I actually made the nearly three hour drive for any dental work; biased or not, I just didn’t think anyone else would be up to par. A client and I were talking about this and she referred me to Dr. Roach. I was totally impressed from the first visit and have been going back ever since. He’s an excellent dentist, has an amazing staff and top rate facilities in the heart of Green Hills. My dad’s still my favorite but Dr. Roach is just as good!”
~Adam M.

“Dr. Roach and his staff have provided me with the best service since moving to Nashville.  The staff makes sure you are comfortable during your visit and want to take the best possible care of your health.  The office staff has made payment and billing easy and also offered suggestions on different plans within my budget.  I have referred Dr. Roach to several people since moving to Nashville and plan on being a patient for a very long time.”
~Kirsten D.

“I just wanted to write Dr. Roach and say how pleased and happy I am with the quality of care and service I’ve received the last couple of years as a patient.  I’ve always been impressed with how friendly (and genuinely friendly, at that) all of the staff and dental assistants are.  I never have to wait long to begin an appointment and the check out process is just as expedient and organized. More specifically, I’d like to mention how sweet and warm the dental assistants are.  I see Monna for every visit and she remembers all of the little details about my life.  It’s so refreshing to know that you are greeted by name and you’re not just another generic patient.  Belinda is equally as sweet and friendly when she works with me.  I actually never mind coming for check-ups because of this professional, yet welcoming, client care and service!  I’d like to commend Dr. Roach for hiring wonderful women and dental assistants who all seem to be very personable. To an office that is friendly, helpful and always professional, job well done! Thank you for all that you do; I will make sure I refer as many of my friends and clients as possible.”
~Annie H.

“I have been a patient of Dr. Roach and his team since 2005.  I have had several fillings done. I am always amazed how I barely feel the shot!  Also, I feel like I am really taken care of as their dental patient.”
~Juliana S.

“When it comes to giving a dental shot, Dr. Roach should give lessons.  It’s pain free.”
~Loretta M.