Christine's Travels!

One of our lovely team members, Christine, just returned from an incredible overseas experience in Israel. She explained, “It wasn’t just a trip. It was a pilgrimage experience. I walked where Jesus used to walk!”

Christine loved Kosher food but some adjustments were necessary.  Meat and dairy could not be eaten together. Some other fun facts she taught us include:

During the end of Christine’s trip, there was some anti-American sentiment in Jerusalem due to political discourse. Fortunately, Christine got out in time and was not affected. Thank goodness! Christine said she often had a hyper aware feeling of her own presence in areas of high security. Palestinian and Israeli police were abundant. They were always armed and all business!

We are so happy Christine was able to have this experience, but we are happier to have her back with us safely in Nashville.  I hope you all enjoy these tidbits of her travels. 

Yours in dental health,

Dr. David Roach

Dr. David Roach Nashville Dentist - Our Fearless Leader!

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