Love Is In The Air in Nashville!

Love is in the air? Something is in the water?

Do you want to take it to the next level with your romantic life in Nashville? Maybe do some shopping for engagement rings? Do you have hopes for taking the marriage/family to the next level? Like your first baby? Your second baby?

Well, maybe you need to come hang out at RFD. I do not know if something is in the water, but love is blossoming all around us. Dr Josh Gropper and Emily Hart are two great individuals. we are fortunate to have them both as part of our team. Well, Dr. Josh popped the question!

Way to go Josh! The world needs more couples like you and Emily.

I guess that started some type of love momentum. Over the holiday, Dr Jennifer Zhang received a proposal and engagement ring from her (now) fiancée, Robbie. Dr Robbie is an MD intern at Vanderbilt hospital. Of course, we are so happy for them. Wow!

Feel the love! Feel the love!

In September, our front desk team member, Lorraine, gave birth to a baby girl, Caroline. As they should be, Lorraine and her husband, Seth, are so proud! Lorraine works on Fridays and Saturdays. She is one of the first people that you see when you walk in the front door.  Please come in and ask to see baby pics. Lorraine has MANY adorable baby pics. Caroline is beyond cute!

And finally, we have the great news of Devon’s family. He and his wife just had their second baby girl in January! They already have one of the cutest 2-year-old girls on the planet. It’s very exciting for Holly to become a big sister.  Please congratulate Devon and his wife, Heather the next time you see them. 

So, need some momentum for romance or nest building?  Come on in for your dental cleaning! Make an appointment or just come hang out and drink coffee. We don’t mind sharing the love.

Dr. David Roach Nashville Dentist - Our Fearless Leader!

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