Resin Infiltration with Dr. Zhang

Have you ever noticed white spots on your front teeth and wondered how they ever got there? Is there any way to get rid of them? White spot lesions are demineralized tooth structure under your enamel layer that are formed either during tooth development or acquired later on. Some white spots are small and barely appear noticeable but many are obvious, making patients insecure about their smile. The great news is, there is an option that doesn't involve drilling or needles to remove these white spots so you can have a smile that blends in harmoniously. This procedure is called resin infiltration and it's a fairly quick procedure that will transform your smile. Resin infiltration was first introduced in the 1970's along with dental adhesives. Currently, it is used as a treatment option for smooth surface white spot lesions. Shallow white spot lesions and ones induced by orthodontic brackets will achieve the best results with resin infiltration. Once the resin is infiltrated into the white spot lesion, demineralization is arrested thus decreasing the white appearance. At our office, this is a simple and painless procedure that is done in less than one hour. To achieve maximum results, we advise whitening your teeth first with our in-office whitening ZOOM session to get your teeth as white as possible. Then use resin infiltration to blend the white spots seamlessly with the rest of your teeth that will last a lifetime. To find out if you're a good candidate for this procedure, give us a call or mention it at your next check up!


Dr. Jennifer Zhang Nashville Dentist

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