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5th Annual Free Day of Dentistry

Friday, September 23rd, 2016

Local Green Hills Small Businesses Gives Back to a Local Man Who Needed a Boost!

Bedford Avenue Makeover – Spring 2016
Bedford Avenue, Green Hills, Nashville, TN
Address: 3824 Bedford Ave Nashville TN 37215

 Trent Before & After

January 2016, Trent Smart walked into the office of Roach Family Dentistry for an emergency visit. Immediately you could tell he did not have the confidence that he deserved. He was quite nervous and reserved. He said he didn’t trust dentists but was in pain and needed help. When he came back for a follow-up visit in February, the team at Roach Family Dentistry wanted to do a little something extra for him. 

The Roach Family Dentistry team got together with their neighbors, Trumps Salon and The Oxford Shop, to discuss what they could do. All were on board immediately! Roach Family Dentistry’s Dr. Bob Fox offered to take care of his oral health and cosmetic needs, Trumps Salon’s stylist, Elina O’Connor, (a new transplant from Beverly Hills) would give him a new hairstyle to match his new smile, and Eric at The Oxford Shop would tie it all together with tailored, stylish clothes. Roach Family Dentistry’s laboratory Functional Esthetics and their anesthesiologist, Dr. Matthew Yezerski, also wanted to donate their time and materials. Presented with this exciting makeover offer, Trent was quite surprised and could not understand why we would do this for him. The more we worked with him, though, the more he let his guard down and everyone gained his trust.

Trent, rebounding from his rocky early 20’s, has been working at local restaurants as a waiter, but that is not his dream. His dream is to go to work full time in the music industry. With his new style and confident smile, he already had 3 job interviews and LANDED THE JOB! Every time Trent walks into the office now he has a big smile and great sense of humor. The transformation is not just the aesthetics of his smile and style, it’s the improvement of his health and increase in self-confidence.

All in all, the process lasted two full months. The majority of the dental work was completed in a 5.5-hour sedation visit and Trent was a trooper! Dr. Bob Fox said about Trent, “You could tell the difference immediately when we put on his temporary crowns and finished his restorations. He lit up! We were all very pleased with the outcome and feel very confident in his future personal successes.”

Logan, Dr. Fox’s Treatment Coordinator, said about the whole process, “I tell all of my friends about it. I now think of him as a brother. When I see people gather together to give back, it gives me hope in the goodness of people. Seeing the change in Trent has been incredibly rewarding.”

Brielea, Dr. Fox’s Dental Assistant, when asked what she got out of giving back to Trent, she said, “JOY! It was heartwarming to see how happy he was.”

Elina O’Connor, Trent’s stylist at Trumps Salon said, “It was a very rewarding experience. He was such a pleasure. It was nice to give him a style that he didn’t know he could have and he left looking upbeat!” 

Eric, owner, of The Oxford Shop, said, “He loved the clothes! He sent the picture to his girlfriend who was thrilled with his new style. We had to rush the clothes because he already had interviews lined up. You can see his confidence in his walk. We are happy to be a part of this transformation.”

Trumps Salon, The Oxford Shop, and Roach Family Dentistry are incredibly fortunate to be able to give back in this way. All three Green Hills small businesses are blessed with wonderful patrons who give them the freedom to give back, so they would also like to thank their clients, customers, and patients. 


Roach Family Dentistry Trent Team 


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