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Emergency Dentist Specialist

If you or a family member has a dental emergency, such as a knocked-out tooth or a terrible toothache, you don’t have to be alarmed. With a staff of six dentists and extended hours during the week and on Saturdays, Roach Family Dentistry & Associates in Nashville, Tennessee, provides expert emergency care for a wide range of dental issues. For a dental emergency, call the office right away; for future appointments, you can also book online.

Emergency Dentist Q & A

What constitutes a dental emergency?

Pain is the first sign of a dental emergency. If pain relievers, ice, and rest aren’t relieving your symptoms, seek emergency care from Roach Family Dentistry & Associates.

The most common dental issues that require immediate attention include:

  • A loose, cracked, or knocked-out tooth: adults should never lose or be close to losing a tooth
  • Pain around your gums: can be a sign of a serious infection
  • A damaged or missing crown, bridge, or denture

Emergency dental care can help to prevent complications or a serious infection from developing.

What should I do if I have a dental emergency?

Call Roach Family Dentistry & Associates right away. While they have the staff, expertise, and hours to treat most dental emergencies, you still need to take care of your knocked-out tooth or gum infection before you arrive.

It’s important to take the following steps before you get to your appointment:

Knocked-out tooth

Try to put the tooth back in its socket, handling it by the crown and not the root. If it won’t stay put, wrap the tooth in wet gauze or keep it moist in milk. You can also hold the tooth inside your cheek. It’s important for it not to dry out.

Cracked tooth

Rinse your mouth with warm water and apply a cold compress to your check to prevent swelling.

Loose tooth

Try to put the tooth back in its normal position and bite down to hold it in place.

Tooth pain

Rinse your mouth with warm water, floss to remove any trapped food particles, and get to your appointment as soon as possible.

How can I avoid dental emergencies?

You can’t avoid or prevent all dental emergencies, but there are certain safety precautions you can take to reduce your risks, such as:

  • Wear a protective mouth guard when playing sports
  • Avoid biting on hard candies, ice, and other hard foods that can crack your teeth
  • Use the right tool for the job: your teeth shouldn’t be used to cut open packaging or as a bottle opener

If you or a family member is experiencing a dental emergency, don’t wait! Call Roach Family Dentistry & Associates right away; they accept Care Credit and offer a variety of payment options. For less urgent issues, you can also book an appointment online.a


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